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       My name is Quinn, and I am a scientific illustrator residing in Tucson, AZ. My love for the Earth’s flora and fauna is what inspires me to create, in hopes that my work can be used to educate and inform those whose curiosity for nature is as great as mine. Illustration is vital to the scientific world because it visualizes things we cannot see in a way that is concise and accurate, while also being beautiful and engaging.


About Me

       For my scientific work I work both traditionally and digitally, with the materials varying with the project. The materials I use often include but are not limited to; graphite pencils, pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, charcoal, chalk pastels and colored pencils, as well as digital media programs Photoshop, Procreate and ZBrush. 

       Throughout my senior year at Northern Illinois University I was lucky enough to have worked collaboratively with a variety of people, and these experiences have done wonders to prepare me for future client relationships post-graduation. I have worked with both Dr. Jennifer Koop and Dr. Karen Samonds from the Department of Biological Sciences, resulting in finished illustrations pertaining to their individual areas of research to be used as teaching tools, as well as in presentations, manuscripts and future published works. I have also been developing illustrations for C.A.R.E. (Champions for Actionable Restoration of Ecosystems), which is the interdisciplinary working group I have been a part of this semester. C.A.R.E. brings together faculty and students from four different disciplines (Biology, Political Science, Communications, Art & Design) in an effort to educate students on the importance of ecological restoration. 

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